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Meet Dastan Board Members

Hosein Hashemizadeh, PhD


Machine Learning Engineer


Public Relation




Data Scientist

Hosein Hashemizadeh

Hosein Bio

I conducted most of my studies back in Iran and then moved to Australia to do my Ph.D. in Astronomy at the University of Western Australia. I have always had a dream to establish a not-for-profit organization for supporting research and talented researchers. Now here is my dream comes true. Our country generously offered us tremendous opportunities now it’s time to give a part of that back to the country. The Dastan foundation provides an amazing platform to share times, ideas and donations to make bigger things happen. I’m proud of being part of Dastan as it puts science first. Science is truly the gate to a brighter future, I believe. No matter how prominent is my contribution, being involved in the spectacular goals of the Dastan foundation I am delighted to cooperate in building a better future. 

Shadie Rezazadeh

Shadie Bio

I am a biotechnologist with a high passion for bio-pharming research and finding the solution for current invasive research methods. There is a quote from a Nobel Prize winner biochemist that goes like “Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought”. Isn’t great to give an opportunity to people who can make great changes in the world by applying their thoughts in research? Conducting research and have a contribution to scientific development and discoveries is the most important motivation for me to choose research as my ultimate career and why I am here in Dastan. I believe by working together we can make this world a better place to live. 

Ellie Gholami

Ellie Bio

I am an artificial intelligence expert and data scientist coming from Shiraz, an ancient city southern Iran. I believe we must give back to the nature and our community as much as we can. Now, I have found my dreams in the Dastan Foundation. Dastan has given me the opportunity to support my fellow Iranians, talents who work hard to reach their dreams and find solutions for the biggest challenges. I am extremely happy and feel blessed that I can play a role in the Dastan's initiatives.

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