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Year 2019 saw a successful start for DASTAN Foundation, and we are so glad to see that the efforts of our teams and supporters have brought us closer to our vision. 

In the first year of its operation, DASTAN Foundation tried to raise awareness of its existence and to create a public profile. We launched a website to show the foundation’s vision and mission as well as ways to support our cause. Our cultural event, Yalda Night celebration (the Iranian festival of the winter solstice), was an opportunity to introduce DASTAN Foundation to the wider community. In this memorable evening with more than 120 attendees, we could invite the public to consider supporting DASTAN – through volunteering and donating – to fund a research grant that would assist outstanding Ph.D. students in Iran with research-related costs. 

During 2019, we could also hold 5 fundraising events and get 6 new donors. The income from fundraising and donations was AUD5,833. To date, the foundation has 13 members.

As we continue to expand our community of benefactors and volunteers, we hope to be able to announce the inaugural Dastan Research Grant by the end of 2020/early 2021. This research grant will be focused on environmental issues in Iran and intends to fund research in relevant areas of environmental science, including its natural and social aspects. 

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